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MILEQ looking for professional Suppliers to fully utilize the Synergy of Business Field

We are looking for suppliers who look for a professional Partner for Sales and Service of their products in the ASEAN/Asia/Australia area or part of this area.

We have experience in handling products that require Statement of End-Use and Export Licenses of the countries of the manufacturers. Our management has more than 18 years experience in the field of test equipment for Defence and their R&D Facilities. 

If you feel you want to talk to us about your product to fit into our range, please feel free to email to us  

Please state in your email you full name, company, address, telephone/email so we can contact you.

We are interested in all products for Ballistic Testing that is supplementing our current range of products, Propellant Aging Testing, Optical Equipment, Radar Equipment, Communication Equipment, Production and Processing Equipment/Machinery, Various other Defence/Law Enforcement/Forensic equipment, Protection Material Test Equipment, Protection Material etc.

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